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Should students get an abortion in college?

It's been almost half a century since abortion was legalized in the US, but still, there are debates going on about this law in some conservative regions. This situation leaves students and other young people uncertain about their rights for abortion in these states, and this can be understood: after all, we live in a democratic country. However, this issue and its effect on higher education is nothing new. While some students are concerned whether oxessay is a reliable service to order a paper, others can't sleep thinking whether they should keep a baby. In this article, we will try to clarify this situation.

The question of campus abortion in modern society

In college, students have a lot to worry about: studies, assignments, deadlines, financial issues, and problems in relationships; all this can become the reason of stress. But even a bigger reason can become an unexpected pregnancy and the uncertainty it brings. While you can always solve your academic tasks with the help of professional services (we recommend reading online class king reviews and also checking assignment geek reviews before placing an order), the child`s question is not so easy to handle. So why is the question of abortion on campus so relevant today?

According to statistics, 18% of all pregnancies registered in the US end in abortion, and the reasons differ. The fact is that more than half of women who want to make this procedure are in their twenties, which means that almost all of them study in college. According to the government, parenting or pregnant students should be protected against discrimination, but in reality, girls are pushed out of college due to unfair administration policies making such students not eligible to enter and attend classes. They explain it with the lack of time that is spent on kids instead of homework and studies.

There are a number of misconceptions in society regarding those who need and should get abortions. Many people are sure that such girls are selfish and irresponsible and that they are too young to make such important decisions. And these people don`t care that one of seven girls sacrifices the parenting thing for the ability to receive a good education. Some women, like faculty members, also opt for this procedure to remain employed. Not everyone is ready to sacrifice their career.

Some institutions do support students in their choice and rights. For example, California is one of the first states that made universities provide young people with abortion medication if they ask for it, which helped to reduce the barriers. Boston, Harvard, Princeton, and MIT also offer to cover the abortion procedure from their insurance policies. New York, Illinois, Nevada, and a couple of other states remain tolerant, while other states still restrict students` reproductive freedom.

Summing up this article, we would like to remind universities to reconsider their views on this issue and provide students with the necessary support when they need it. It is also worth to remember about exceptions such as incest and rape that end up in pregnancies. Even taking into account the frequency of such cases in US institutions, this question is still left open in many states.

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