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7 Abortion Facts Every Woman Should Know

When you hear about abortion, the chances are high that you will imagine a young girl who has been abandoned by her boyfriend. However, in fact, it is a pretty common phenomenon that happens more often than you think. Any woman can decide on such a step whether it is about a self-confident businesswoman, a celeb, or a prosperous housewife who will not face any difficulties with raising a kid. And each of them has their reasons. Thus, one doesn’t feel like ready to become a parent, another one has to do it due to health issues, and still others can have other reasons why this pregnancy is unwanted. And while it can be one of the hardest life decisions for one woman, another one doesn't treat it seriously as if she is just reading snapsext reviews. In any case, it doesn’t matter what forces a woman to take this step, but she should know about the following things.

1. The earlier, the better

At incredibly early stages, it is possible to use a magnetic cap that emits a constant magnetic field. It is put on the cervix and distorts all signals that enter its area. A gynecologist does this procedure in a clinic. As a result, pregnancy ceases to develop. Then the doctor removes it and inserts pills into the vagina, opening the cervix and provoking an abortion.

2. Mini abortion can be done up to 5-6 weeks

It is performed with a vacuum aspirator (syringe with a special nozzle) under general anesthesia. But if the gestational sac does not exfoliate using a vacuum, then you will have to do a standard curettage.

3. Medical abortion can be done up to 8 weeks

The magic pill is a progesterone-blocking hormone drug that must be taken under the supervision of a doctor. Ectopic pregnancy, genital infections, blood clotting disorders, chronic adrenal insufficiency, and severe bronchial asthma are among contradictions. After one or two days, menstrual bleeding should begin. It is a medical abortion. If symptoms such as sharp pain, severe bleeding, severe weakness, high fever, dizziness appear, a woman must consult her doctor ASAP. If complications arise, a standard curettage is performed. In rare cases, the use of the pills is ineffective, and the pregnancy continues to develop.

4. Curettage

The cervix is expanded with the help of special instruments under anesthesia, and the curette (metal loop) is used for the scraping procedure itself. If you want to reduce the risks, then you should make an ultrasound of the uterus before and after the abortion, and a doctor should examine it with a hysteroscope.

5. Complications

The standard consequences of abortion are menstrual irregularities and infectious and inflammatory processes that can lead to the formation of adhesions, obstruction of the fallopian tubes. It can result in trouble conceiving later as well. The most common complications after curettage are bleeding and accumulation of blood clots in the uterine cavity. And the most dangerous thing is the perforation of the uterine wall.

6. You can decide till 12 weeks

Abortion after 12 weeks is considered extremely dangerous. After 12 weeks, a woman no longer has the right to make such a decision on her own, so it is done by medical consultation.

7. You should take care of your mental health

Pregnancy begins to seriously rebuild a woman's body from the very first days, primarily the endocrine and nervous systems. Interfering with this process causes hormonal disruption. So, depression and neurosis are also quite common consequences of this procedure. Therefore, even if it seems to you that you are “okay,” take antidepressants.

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